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Diploma of Screen and Media: Film & Television


This Diploma of Screen and Media offers professional academic instructions in the arts and sciences of motion pictures and television.The course aims to give the student knowledge of the technical, creative and business aspects of the film/television industries. This includes practical hands on training in the operation of professional equipment and the state-of-the-art techniques. The course aims to produce artists with technical proficiency and technicians who are also artists.

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General English Course with Business and Digital Media


The course is suited to anyone from a non-English speaking background seeking intermediate to upper intermediate skills in English communication. Learners will also improve general computer literacy and become more proficient in using computers and digital devices for professional and personal work.

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Telecommunications and IT Network Engineering Advanced Diploma Program


This program teaches the essential professional level skills required for the design and implementation IP Networks in enterprise, service provider, and carrier environments.In addition students should learn how to plan and implement secure resilient IP networks, virtualised environments, Unified Communications systems, and be able to undertake high level design for modern data centres.

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