By September 17, 2020


Established in 1995 ACIT & IFTV College goes from strength to strength during Covid 19 phase by engaging in advanced information technology converging in digital education and virtualised technologies. The college has been a world leader in implementing using advanced technologies to enhance education and employment outcomes for students.

Since 1995 Sonya McGuire is the CEO and founder of ACIT & IFTV College. She is an experienced entrepreneur who has specialised in Information technology and digital education for nearly 30 years. The college has traditionally worked side by side technical and media industry in course development and delivery of education. The college specialises in modern and advanced technologies to implement classroom and virtualised technologies. It continues to provide during Covid 19 without any delays a fully operational virtualised education. Students can see and feel the real classroom environment live during the sessions of education that have been developed in the past 10 years.

During the covid 19 periods, the college has championed the delivery of education that matters. The courses are in the high demand category for employment in both Information Technology, telecommunications, Business, Marketing and Media development.

Immediately there are full-time students studying from 36 countries. ACIT & IFTV offers unique programs that allow students to obtain reliable and well-paid careers locally in the areas of I.T and Media industries. College currently provides finishing students with exceptional internship programs as a result of its partnership with the industry.

College is situated next to the beautiful lakeside community of Varsity Lakes with all kinds of amenities for students.


Sonya McGuire has first commenced working and educated in the area of Information Technology as a Systems Analyst Programmer. As a young migrant starting out in her teens she commenced studying Bachelor of Business Computing and working also as a systems analyst and programmer with the Australian Government in Darwin, Palmerston in the Northern Territories of Australia. This is the place where she invested time to learn and work in database administration and implementing systems for Government and private enterprises using IBM mainframe systems as well as in PC environments. She has commenced her life working with one of the oldest computer systems in the world and experienced firsthand of computer revolution from mainframe systems to P.C Environments. Sonya has later commenced training in various I.T colleges and universities including Charles Darwin University and Bond University in the area of I.T systems as well as providing consulting services since 1993.

The college has invested in the idea of education and industry.  This combined feature is the number one priority to ensure that every person who completes the studies can obtain reliable jobs anywhere in the world.

The college has partnered with the industry to deliver for the past 28 years in I.T and Telecommunications industries. The existing education partnerships stem from many years of collaboration with the industry.

ACIT & IFTV College employs accredited national and international trainers and is part of an academic partnership with Microsoft, partners with VM Ware. ACIT & IFTV College is also a certified Junipers networks academic alliance academy

(EMEA) Specialising in telecommunications, clouds and networking.

Danny McGuire who is the partner and the director of training is the chief I.T engineer who overseas other technical staff at the college and educational excellence.

He has combined experience in military, I.T, Electronics, Networks, teaching radios and aircraft, marine engineering (avionics) for 42 years. He served in the Royal Australian Navy as a leading seaman. He was trained in electronics, radio, voice and data communications. He also served in the border protection in the Northern end of Australia with air and sea operations with Royal Australian Navy and Skywest operations for a period of 13 years. Danny has worked extensively in radio, electronics for the Police in the Northern Territory of Australia.

He currently directs and manages all I.T systems implementation, Registrations and quality framework of ACIT & IFTV College together with the experienced and qualified team. He is also certified in the information technology industry such as Junipers networks certified  (JNCIS), CISCO (CCNA), Microsoft 365 administrator associate.