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Our graduates embark on fulfilling careers in well-paid professional industries. Discover the range of study programs that offer internships and employment opportunities.

For over three decades, we've been dedicated to securing employment outcomes for our graduates in lucrative careers. By partnering with employers who prefer our college for training and employment solutions, we connect you with opportunities under government-funded programs. Upon completing our two- to four-year courses, you become part of an expansive employer network.

Graduate Employment & Permanent Residency

Information Technology & Telecommunications Network Engineering

We integrate our teaching with industry certifications and vocational education courses. Internships are offered upon completion of our two or four-year programs.

Vocational Education Combined with International IT & T Industry Certifications

Whether you’re an experienced IT professional, a recent graduate, or starting your journey in the field, obtaining industry certifications significantly enhances your career prospects. IT and Telecommunications industry certifications demonstrate expertise, aptitude, and a commitment to lifelong learning. Employers trust certified professionals to manage, secure, and automate IT networks using technologies taught in Microsoft, Juniper, Cisco, and VMWare Networks globally.

Securing Well-Paid Careers in the IT Industry

Achieving success in the IT industry goes beyond earning certifications and university degrees. To excel in telecommunications, network engineering, and cybersecurity, proficiency in artificial intelligence and industry certifications is essential.

  • 99% of organizations rely on technical certifications for hiring decisions.
  • 91% of employers view IT certifications as reliable predictors of employee success.
  • 81% of employers associate IT certification holders with increased work quality and value.

Graduate Employment and Internship Opportunities

Entry-Level Employment Packages

  • Expected Salary: Entry-level Australian wage.
  • Duration: 26 months (combining industry certifications and vocational education courses).
  • Internship placement in Australia.

Higher-Level Employment Packages

  • Expected Salary: Starting from $70,000 per annum.
  • Duration: 4 years (combining industry certifications and vocational education courses).
  • Internship placement in Australia.

Conditions : Applicants must have an IELTS score of 7 (for non-native English speakers), possess a valid visa for study and residency, and meet Australian visa condition laws.

Disclaimer : Employment rates and wages may vary based on job availability. Wages generally increase over time, and completion of a four-year program enhances wage potential, sponsorship opportunities, and employability.

Scholarship Availability

Empowering Women Scholarships are offered based on availability.

Employment Opportunities

What jobs can you pursue with our certifications and vocational qualifications?

Network Engineer

Design, build, and optimize networks to support business operations.

Systems Engineer

Manage complex infrastructure by combining engineering and management skills.

CyberOps Analyst

Identify and mitigate security threats to safeguard network integrity.

Network Security Analyst

Implement cybersecurity systems to protect data, computers, and networks.