Applying for a course does not guarantee you a place in that course. Your place is only guaranteed once you have met all eligibility requirements and you have enrolled into units. Enrolling means that you are committing yourself to study, and to paying the associated fees.

The tuition fees and applicable charges are required to be paid at enrolment or by scheduled instalment dates either by yourself, a nominated third party (e.g. your employer), or via a VET Student Loan.


Once your eligibility has been confirmed, we will assist you to enrol into your course. Please note: if you enrol less than 14 days before the census day for the relevant units you will not be eligible for a VET Student Loan for those unit(s).

Your course may cost more than the VET Student Loan Cap. If so, you will need to pay the difference (referred to as a gap) between the course fees and the VET Student Loan cap prior to your first census day. You may be able to access a payment plan to help you pay the gap amount in instalments.

Your VET Student Loan is repaid through the Australian tax system when you reach the minimum income threshold for repayment. The minimum income threshold for repayment is set by the Australian Government each year and is published on Study Assist. Repayments continue until you have repaid your entire debt.

It is important to note that your loan will remain a personal debt until it is repaid and it may reduce your take-home (after tax) wage and your borrowing capacity. You may therefore wish to seek independent financial advice before applying for a VET Student Loan.

You have up until the census day to apply for a VET Student Loan. If you do not apply by the census day, or have formally withdrawn, you will be liable for the tuition fees payable for that fee period.


You cannot apply for a VET Student Loan until 2 business days after you enrol but you must submit your application on or before your first census day for your course.

Two business days following your enrolment, we will advise the Australian Government that you wish to apply for a VET Student Loan. The Australian Government will email you your logon details and password to access and complete an eCAF (the Australian Government’s electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form).

Please note: You must complete and submit your eCAF to the Commonwealth before your first census day. If you do not submit your eCAF by the census day, you will be liable for the tuition fees payable for that fee period.