Tuition fees are charged by unit of study and your course will have a least three fee periods with payments spread across the duration of your course.

Your course may cost more than the VET Student Loan Cap. If so you will need to pay, or arrange to pay, the difference (referred to as a gap) between the course fees and the VET Student Loan Cap prior to your first census day. You may be able to access a payment plan to help you pay the gap amount in instalments.

Once enrolled but prior to your first census day for your course, we will provide you with a Statement of Covered Fees confirming that your enrolment has been accepted and the amounts of the course tuition fees that will, and will not, be covered under a VET Student Loan.

In addition to the Statement of Covered Fees, you will receive a VET Student Loan Fee Notice at least 14 days before census day that will show you the amount of tuition fees that will, and will not, be covered under a VET Student Loan for that fee period.

If you withdraw your enrolment on or before the census day, you will not incur the tuition fees for that fee period. This applies to fees covered by the VET Student Loan and any gap or upfront fees paid for that fee period. No administration fee applies.

After the census day has passed and you have submitted your Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF), we will send you a Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN) that provides you with further information about your debt. If you believe your CAN is incorrect, you should contact [email protected] immediately.


If you intend to study more than one course, you will need to apply for a VET Student Loan for each course you wish to access a loan for. The amount you can borrow for your tuition fees will be determined by the cost of each unit required to be eligible for an award under each course. This means, the tuition fees may not reach the full VET Student Loan cap amount for some courses in a dual or triple award. The balance of a loan cap amount in one course cannot be used to cover the gap fees in another course.


A VET Student Loan is only for tuition fees and doesn’t cover additional costs such as text books, materials, or accommodation. Details of any additional costs for your course are detailed on the relevant course information page.

In addition, a 20 percent loan fee applies to VET Student Loans for full fee paying or fee for service students. The good news is you don’t have to pay the loan fee upfront, it will be added to your VET Student Loan.